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The Village of Teslin

Teslin is a small village located in the Yukon Territory at Mile 804 (Km. 1244) on the Alaska Highway. It is bordered by the waters of Nisutlin Bay and Teslin Lake. Until the turn of the century this was the summer camp or meeting place of the Tlingit tribe from southern Alaska.

During the Gold Rush of 1898 the Teslin campsite boomed briefly as a stopover on the Canadian route to the Klondike. For the first time Teslin had permanent residents. The Hudson Bay Co. established a trading post for the villagers and those traveling the Klondike trail.

By 1903 the Hudson Bay Co. post closed and Nisutlin Trading post was opened by Tom Smith and George Geddes. Teslin continued to grow with the arrival of the Northwest Mounted Police.

In 1906 the Anglican Church opened a mission to serve the community. That early Log building is still in use as a parish hall. In 1938 the Roman Catholic Mission was opened with a resident priest.

Today, in 2015, Teslin is home to approximately 450 people which   includes Teslin Tlingit people who have shared ancestry with the coastal Tlingit people of Southeast Alaska and the Inland Tlingit people of Taku River First Nation and Carcross-Tagish First Nation. These inhabitants enjoy a prosperous community with such facilities as an airport, museums, R.C.M Police Detachment, school, community centre, health unit, post office, motels, restaurants, and a general store

Teslin Lake is 78 miles (125 Km.) long, 2 miles (3+ Km.) wide and reaches a maximum depth of 700 feet (213 m.). It is home to II species of fish with Lake Trout being the favourite catch of the sports fisherman. In the late summer Chinook and Chum salmon travel up the Yukon and then the Teslin Rivers to spawn. Autumn brings many hunters to this area for ducks, geese and moose. A public boat ramp and launch are situated on the North side of Nisutlin Bridge. This bridge is the longest span on the entire Alaska Highway.