Teslin is Tlingit for Long Narrow Water

**Teslin Community Development Plan**

Teslin Community Development Plan

Charts Below are pages 58-67 of the Teslin Community Development Plan

Joint TTC VOT updated April 1, 2016 Capital Planning
VOT Updated April 1, 2016 Capital Plan
TTC Updated April 1, 2016 Capital Plan

Teslin Tlingit Council and Village of Teslin Receive National Recognition for their Community Development Plan

October 25, 2016

Teslin (Yukon) – During their 23rd Annual Conference held in Whitehorse, the Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers (Cando) bestowed its prestigious Economic Developers Award to the Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) and the Village of Teslin (VOT) for their 10 year Teslin Community Development Plan.

Cando is a federally registered, non-profit society that is Aboriginal controlled, community based, and membership driven. Cando’s Economic Developers Award was created to recognize and promote recent or long-standing Aboriginal economic development initiatives throughout Canada. The Dèslin Development Corporation nominated the VOT and the TTC for this award because they have seen first hand the benefits that collaboration brings to community planning.

Since 2007, both the TTC and the VOT governments have been working together towards common community goals. The integrated community development plan addresses common community development needs while respecting each other’s jurisdiction.


Country Residential Lots available for Sale
Average size is 1 Hectare
Prices range from $42,000 - $48,000

Call the Village of Teslin at (867) 390-2530 for more information

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LANDFILL & RECYCLING HOURS - Thursday & Friday 12pm 6pm
& Saturday 10am -5pm

Recycling Pickup Handout (list of what we p/u and what we don't)


The recycling centre is located at the landfill and an attendant is on site)


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